About Us

A Powerfull Tribute Band Showcasing Unparalleled Skills

As a Vallejo, California-based band, we've built a reputation for our mind-blowing talent and unparalleled musical skills. We take pride in bringing Jimi Hendrix's legendary sound to life with stunning authenticity. Our vocal range and guitar virtuosity allow us to flawlessly recreate Hendrix's iconic techniques.
Pete's killer bass skills bring the groove, while Leo's energetic drumming keeps the beat tight and lively. Together, we create a dynamic that sets the stage on fire, delivering a performance that will captivate any audience.
With our deep understanding of Hendrix's music, Purple Haze delivers a breathtaking live experience that transports listeners back to the golden era of rock. We pay meticulous attention to detail and maintain an unwavering commitment to accuracy, ensuring an authentic and exhilarating performance that leaves our audiences in awe. Come witness the magic as we take you on a journey through the timeless music of Jimi Hendrix.


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